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Vertical compound crusher

Vertical compound crusher

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Vertical compound crusher

The vertical compound crusher  is widely used in the ball production line. It is mainly used to break the raw material to the desired size for pressing the ball. The vertical crusher has no grating and the product size is adjustable.

The vertical compound crusher is a new generation crusher of high efficience that integrates the technology of domestic and foreign similar crusher and optimizes the design of the main technical parameters. The design structure of vertical crusher is the combination of hammer crusher and impact crusher. The vertical compound crusher is particually suitable for crushing the brittle material with lower water content and medium hardness such as coal, coke, actived carbon, charcoal, fluorite, limestone, gypsum and so on.

Working principle of vertical compound crusher:

In the work process of vertical crusher, the rotor, fixed on the main shaft, will operate with high speed at a certain direction under the drive of the motor. The bulk material will fall onto the dump tray from the feed hopper, after being impacted by the dump tray bar, it will be thrown onto the counterattack plate with high speed and produce impact.
Under the action of gravity, the materials fall into the conical rotor crushing cavity and after being impacted by the head rotating with high speed, the materials will be thrown to the counterattack plate with enough kinetic energy and repeat the above crushing process.

Performance characteristics of vertical compound crusher:

1. The unique structure of dumping tray of the vertical compound crusher has improved the utilization rate of the wear material greatly and reduced the production cost.
2. The wearing parts of vertical compound crusher adopt the multi alloy wear resistant material with high hardness and high tenacity. Thus the structure of vertical compound crusher is less wear and tear and enduring.
3. The advantages of vertical compound crusher include high crushing ratio, high output, efficiency and energy conservation easy and stable operation, low noise, small vibration and good sealing performance.
4. The vertical compound crusher is the leading efficient finely equipment in the domestic market at present.

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