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100-200tons/d desulfurization gypsum briquette plant configu

As briquetting machine industry model,China Kefan briquette machine supplier is developed step by step,on the base of many years manufacturing and production practice,accumulate the rich experience and excellent.Review process,since production ball press machine,our company has been made more than a dozen varieties and over 20 models different specifications and different usage briquette press machines Desulfurized gypsum briquette Machine is one kind of briquette makers,it is suitable to press desulfurized gypsum.

Desulfurization gypsum is a kind of the most difficult to suppress all kinds of material,its compressive strength,high moisture content. Have special requirements on the equipment, in the understanding and means of design, materials, our company have new understanding and design this machine,as the desulfurization gypsum has high moisture content and is difficult to demould, need to study from the design, the first is the design geometry, the second is the material, material high density, high hardness, high smoothness, and wear resistance, easy mold release. This type can meet this requirement,only a single forming, stripping smoothly,so it is the most appropriate type. Desulfurized gypsum briquette plant can various of yield,in which 100-200 tons/d is more suitable and most simple. It can meet customers' need,and high efficiency and save cost.
100-200 tons/d desulfurization gypsum briquette plant configuration process

1, storage silos: used for storing before drying, can allow raw materials to keep feeding to the dryer, guarantee production.
2, horizontal dryer: desulfurization gypsum can be pushed into the cylinder by the spiral leaf in the dryer's feed end.
3, double-shaft mixer: control the amount of the entire production line to ensure uniform feed.
4, compaction machine: desulfurization gypsum is pressurized, dense, increasing the density of the gypsum, an ideal auxiliary equipment for molding.
5, briquette machine: compaction gypsum pressed into a ball. 6, vertical dryer: dry suppressed gypsum ball, the use of low temperature the amount of wind and gravity principle make gypsum ball's moisture dry to about 2% -3%. 100-200 tons/d desulfurization gypsum briquette plant complete device configuration flow chart: Raw material --- storage silos --- Horizontal dryer --- biaxial mixer --- 400 type compaction machine --- 650 type briquette machine --- vertical dryer --- finished products.

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