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Apart from the ball machine breakdown, installation and commissioning encountered most of the faults caused by external equipment.
  A: the ball repeatedly restart
  Ball machine restart repeatedly is usually due to the low power of the power supply, caused by not enough to run a machine working properly. Testing machine supply voltage with a multimeter, you must load (ball) on measurement in the case to determine whether there is a power supply problem. Of particular note is, Outdoor Dome heater opening falls far short and do not open the power consumed, the power supply must be taken into account when the maximum power of the machine, ensure power supply equipment enough to drive the ball machine work properly.
  Phenomenon II: video scrolling
  Video image on the monitor to keep rolling ball machines, such phenomena are caused by a video sync issue. 24VAC ball machines are automatically synchronized according to the phase of AC power, we can get the ball machine menu, select automatic synchronization. If the automatic synchronization due to power phase failure, phase values can be set manually in the machine menu to resolve the problem.
  Three: control characters
  When the ball appeared irregular rotation, first of all, check whether the equipment wrong operation, and check whether the machine menu start randomly scanning mode. If the steps above are normal, mostly due to disturbances in data communication lines and continuously send garbled messages. Interference from electromagnetic interference in the transmission path, optical transmitter and receiver in optical errors may also occur during a restore.
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