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Relevant Information About Coal Briquetting Plant

Based on the increasing demands for coal briquettes, the production of coal briquetting plant has become an inevitable tendency. Featured in the wide application ranges and strong working capacity, coal briquetting machine can be used for

industries like metallurgy, refractory material and chemical engineering, etc.

Relevant Information About Coal Briquetting Plant
For the working way of coal briquetting plant, it has two kinds respectively named as mechanical molding and hydraulic molding. If materials to be pressed are great in viscosity, you'd better to use the coal briquette plant in hydraulic

molding. Featured in the great energy conservation, environmental protection and convenient transportation, coal briquettes produced by the coal briquette plant are of great economic and social benefits.

During the production process of coal briquettes, water content in raw materials should be strictly controlled. As to the site for controlling water content, it is generally located at the agitator. If raw materials are too dry, coal briquettes will be easy to

crack when being stored or transported. If raw materials are too wet, they will be easier to adhere on the ball sockets. As a result, discharging failure of coal briquette machine may occur.

Therefore, water content of raw material is a key factor for the briquetting work of coal briquette machine. As the NO.1 brand of coal briquette plant, TuRui briquetting machine manufacturer dedicates to offering the best products and services for


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