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How to Maintain Briquetting Machine

For a long-term use, maintaining briquetting machine is an essential part, which in fact determines the length of its service life. turui  Machine is a professional manufacturer of briquetting machine with over a decade of rich experience. The company pays much attention to the research and development of briquetting machine, and improves the production technology greatly. Here we will discuss how to maintain briquetting machine so as to prolong its service life.
1.Clean the dust on briquetting machine in time. When you disassemble the machine, you should also pay attention to dedusting.
2.Check for the wear and tear of triangle lines, bearings, feeding mouth and other parts, and then clean them up and replace the lubricating grease of bearings.
3.Open the cover of reduction gear to check the gear teeth.
4.Check the foundation base as well as bolts. If they are loose, tighten them immediately.
5.If the oil pressure changes greatly, you should inject oil timely.
6.If oil leak was detected during operation, the machine should stop working immediately and then repair it.

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