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Two Briquetting Ways of Coal Briquette Machine

The utilization of coal resource cannot do without coal briquette machineGenerally, there are two ways for pressing coal powder into briquettes. Let's explain it in details as follows:
        First one, cold briquetting technique with binder:
        This method is commonly used in various industries. Due to binder, the briquetting pressure can be reduced to 15-50 MPa, and the mass ratio of binder in coal powder should be 5%-20%. But it should be noted that, because of binder, some problems will occur:
1. Reduce fixed carbon of finished product, especially for inorganic materials such as lime, cement and clay.
2. Increase the cost of coal briquettes. Generally speaking, the binder price is higher than that of coal powder.
3. Complicate the briquetting process, because the binder itself should be processed first and then mix with coal powder uniformly.
4. Coal briquettes for industrial use require a large amount of binder, so adequate binder should be guaranteed.
        Second one, cold briquetting technique without adding any binder:
        This method relies on external force to press coal powder into briquettes. At present, many countries have used this method to make coal briquettes as domestic or industrial fuel. For bituminous coal and anthracite, it is rather difficult to press their powder into briquettes due to their high degree of coalification.
        The advantages of this method: 1. save a lot of raw materials. 2. maintain the carbon content of coal briquettes. 3. simplify the briquetting process. 
In a word, it is an important development trend for coal briquetting technique.
Two Briquetting Ways of Coal Briquette Machine

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