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What Affect the Performance of Coal Briquetting Machine

Coal briquetting machine is mainly used to press powdery materials into briquettes such as coal powder, mineral powder and metal powder. Zoneding coal briquette machine is a new type of briquette machine with high efficiency, energy conservancy and environment protection. There are a lot of factors affecting the performance of coal briquetting machine, but this article mainly focuses on one factor, that is, the composition and property of coal powder.
The property of coal powder:
        The elasticity and plasticity of coal is closely related to the forming of coal powder. The elasticity of coal means the compression set of coal particles occurs under the external force, but when the force is withdrawn, they can restore to the original state. The plasticity of coal refers that the coal can be shaped under the external force, and when the force is withdrawn, it can maintain the shape. Generally speaking, coal with good plasticity and small elasticity has good briquetting effect such as peat and lignite. With deepening of metamorphism of coal, aromatic substances in coal are increased, so the hardness and elasticity of coal are improved, but its plasticity is decreased, therefore, its briquetting effect becomes worse. Materials like bituminous coal and anthracite need to be briquetted with binder.
The composition of coal powder: 
        The briquetting effect is related to the composition of coal. Generally, clarain and vitrain have good plasticity, so they are easy to be briquetted. Though durain has high hardness, it will produce a lot of tar during pyrolysis, which is also conducive to briquetting. Besides, coal containing much clay is easy to be briquetted, because it is sticky when mixed with water, and has good plasticity.

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