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Roller Skin to Charcoal Briquette Machine,Just Like Heart

For charcoal briquette machine, the roller skin is one of important parts. The service life of roller skin decides the using period of charcoal briquetting machine. As the only easy-wearing part, roller skin should be selected carefully. The texture of roller skin can be classified into 65Mn and high-chromium alloy. The texture of roller skin in 65Mn is generally used, which longs to the steel castings with low cost. It is very suitable for small-output charcoal briquettes making machine. The texture of roller skin in high-chromium alloy belongs to the forging parts, which is mainly used for charcoal briquette press machine with medium or high output..
Roller Skin to Charcoal Briquette Machine,Just Like Heart

65Mn is the commonly-seen spring steel, which enjoys the features of high hardenability and integrated mechanical performance. For high-chromium alloy, it enjoys the features of high and even hardness, high-elastic limit, high contact fatigue strength and strong wear-resistant ability. Thus, we can clearly see that the texture of high-chromium alloy is much more economical and durable than that of 65Mn. The high-chromium alloy is the best choice for making roller skins of charcoal briquette machine.

As an indispensable part for charcoal briquette making machine, the roller skin can decide the balling effect. Since some raw materials are very hard, the roller skin is easy to be battered. Thus, when we choose the charcoal briquetting machine, the quality of roller skin must be taken into considerations. As the NO.1 brand of China mining machinery, Turui sincerely looks forward your cooperation. If you need our products, please click the website and leave messages on it:


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