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The drive way to briquette press machine has four main

1, motor driven hard surface reducer reducer output at low speed for two-axis parallel, driven by gear coupling ball roller running, feeding screw propulsion and exhaust, suitable for dry powder forming. This method of transmission, ball rolls smoothly, longer gear life, great transmission torque, surface pressure of 100KN or more, generally used in metallurgy, refractory Enterprise pellets of dry powder molding production line. Due to this domestic ball briquette machine development is inadequate, so far there are few large stand-alone.
2: motor-driven gearbox, reducer output shaft of the low speed shaft, driven by coupling pressure spherical roller bearing on the relative motion of a pair of gears, suspension gear. This method of transmission for the most commonly used coal ball press machine manufacturers, due to their simple structure, low price, widely used in China.
3, improved type gear box suspension gear change, increasing the driving torque, increase production, prices much lower than double output shaft form, has been spreading in China.
4, c-drive, namely motor directly drives a few stalls open gear transmission, limited use in small experimental or very low yield, has been phasing in the domestic market.

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