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Pressure the ball machine press roll surface length and the relationship between agglomeration

Usually our technical staff in every detail design pressure ball machine equipment, the parameters of each part of the overall consideration is to match.For roller, roller diameter, length, hole depth design, etc., for forming quality, has a certain significance.Then, the design of the length is influential for molding?This is a comprehensive effect of various factors, need practical analysis of actual situation.
Pressure ball machine can under the condition of relatively fine grading granularity, can according to user needs a variety of graded suppression of products.Kuangfen slag on the surface of the roller pressure ball machine molding particle size as the screen surface growth granularity uniform.So any prolong and shorten the roller surface, will affect the forming effect.Roller surface long short affects forming quality of coal.And outer moisture's influence on the pelletizing process, when the external moisture growth, other things being equal, kuangfen long pressure ball machine roll surface, pressure ball machine keep balance, apparently because of roller surface are too short, fine grained level too late into a ball.With the increase of roller surface length, into a ball under the limit of rates down, into a ball efficiency increases, indicating that raw coal at home and abroad in the probability into the ball during water 70%, probability screen can more effectively into the ball, into a ball high efficiency.
Roller surface long short affects kuangfen pressure ball machine molding equipment quality.Equipment of the process parameters are technical personnel and equipment operation personnel unceasingly diligently practice of crystallization, is the result of all the technical staff to pay, these processing parameters, also is not always the same, after customer application feedback, we will continue to study these parameters change, to reach best when the equipment performance, in a certain period of time will be the reference data of the manufacturing process, but not set in stone.Kuangfen pressure ball machine process parameters on the efficiency of ball has a great influence, kuangfen pressure ball machine in metallurgy, building materials, processing and application in many industries such as coal is very wide, especially in the coal industry.

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