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Factors for Demoulding of Charcoal Briquette Maker

Charcoal briquette machine, with another name of charcoal briquetting machine, is mainly used to suppress those coal materials into briquettes or balls. Featured in the high thermal efficiency, easy storage and convenient transportation, finished products of charcoal briquette press can serve as the fuels of great value to take the places of natural resources like coal, oil and gas.
As to the following content, it will discuss about the demoulding work of charcoal briquette machine. For newly-purchased roller skins, they are usually coarse in surface. If you directly equip the charcoal briquette machine with newly-purchased roller skin, you will face the problem of difficult demoulding.

Therefore, it is advisable to polish the coarse surface of newly-purchased roller skin with dry material before the working process of charcoal briquette maker. For some users of charcoal briquette machine, they are quite blind in selecting the size of ball sockets. Doubtlessly, demoulding work will be difficult.
Confronted with this situation, you should actively listen to the advice of suppliers during the selecting or purchasing process . Difficult demoulding can also be caused by the high water content in raw materials. Higher the water content, greater the viscosity. For watered raw materials, they are easy to firmly adhere on roller skin during the working process of charcoal briquette press.
Confronted with this situation, you should control the water content well before the working process. If raw materials are too wet, you can dry them with specialized dryers or in the sun. Except for the above factors, revolving speed of charcoal briquette press can also influence the demoulding work.We will give you the best possible online discount.

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