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Procedures to Invest the Coal Briquette Machine

Coal briquette machine, also named as coal briquetting plant, is widely used around the world markets in these years. As customers, if you want to invest a briquetting plant, what procedures are needed ? Firstly, you need to confirm that you are interested in this cause. With regard to the project introduction, you should read in detail. In a word, you should have a clear understanding toward the cause of coal briquetting plant. Secondly, situations like local resources, market situation of briquettes and land exploitation should be surveyed further.
Procedures to Invest the Coal Briquette Machine

The findings as feedback should be timely delivered to the project leaders of Fote briquetting machine manufacturer. After that, project leaders will contact with you for relevant consultation and appointment of site visitThirdly, you are welcomed to our company for site visit and inspection. If necessary, you can take some samples of materials you' d like to deal. Fourthly, you can visit the working sites of some enterprises we have worked with. As to the details, you need to discuss with project leader. Then, if you decide to work with us, here comes to the signing of contract. Meanwhile, you need to pay the deposit in advance.
As manufacturer, we will offer you the detailed drawings and relevant information for installation and construction. For you, you need to make enough preparations like the infrastructure construction according to the paper drawings. Procedures like equipment transfer and agent consignment should be checked in. At the same time, we will allocate professional technicians or engineers to install and debug the machine on site as well as train the operators. The stay time of technicians can finish as long as you satisfy the performance of machine and operators.

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