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Key Parts for the Work of Coal Briquetting Machine


Based on the structure and working principle of charcoal briquette machine, Turui  briquetting machine manufacture produces the coal briquette press machine. In the production line of coal briquettes, coal briquetting machine is of key importance. Driven by the dynamo, belt moves and accelerator accelerates. Through the belt, raw materials are delivered into the feeder.

Under the revolution of press rollers, raw materials are suppressed into briquettes. Under the gravity and centrifugal force, coal briquettes are discharged out through the discharging mouth. For the press rollers of coal briquetting plant, they are easy to be dismantled and changed for about 2 or 3 hours. You can finish the changing process by yourself.

By virtue of the advanced structure, press rollers do not need to be delivered to suppliers of coal briquette plant for change or repair if being damaged. For the roller skin of coal briquetting plant, it is forged with excellent alloy steel and hardened by quenching. Therefore, the roller skin enjoys the remarkable features of great strength, strong abrasion resistance and long service life.

Since the feeding mouth is equipped with the mechanical feeder and wear-resistant liner plates, feeding work of coal briquette press machine can be much effective and even. For the balling rate of coal briquette machine, it can be higher than 96%. Meanwhile, finished briquettes are very great in strength.

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