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Mine cold pellet powder injection process and the relationship between the pressure roller

Mineral powder pressure the ball machine cold pellet process relationship with roller:
mineral powder pressure the ball machine in the market step by step Ngau Tau, thanks to the development of industrial technology. The aircraft achieved impressive results in the market, is one of many mineral powder ball press machine manufacturers and efforts of our technicians. According to different user requirements, equipment to improve and strive to be perfect, today, to introduce mineral powder production technology and production characteristics of pressure the ball machine.
Mineral powder pressure the ball machine is used for cold pellet technology, so you can reduce production when pressed, shorten the time of user's costs. Use cold pressed pellet production technology to enhance the permeability of column, blast furnace anterograde in low temperature consolidation without changing the characteristics of mineral powder. Mineral powder pressed pellets compared to the porosity of the heat in the process of mining and sintering of high, can reduce production by high temperature stress, coupled with the binder used to let the ball will not burst at a high temperature reduction stage, so as to improve the breathability of the column, increase the cutting speed and efficiency, that is, the output of. Mineral powder pressure the ball machine as the industry links link in production under harsh conditions, safe and stable production, which is one reason rock popular pressure the ball machine. We introduced the ore above cold pellets of powder injection process, and is inseparable from the production of mineral powder pressure roller pressure the ball machine.
Should all understand the importance of mineral powder pressure the ball machine roller, high quality roller production technology is the use of high-chromium alloys, manganese alloys and other materials. Quenching process using centrifugal casting process, which produced mineral powder pressure the ball machine roller hardness up to HRC60-63, the hardened layer depth of 7-8mm. It is the high wear resistance of roller, mine powder pressure the ball machine service life than traditional equipment.

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