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The Way to Reduce Motor Energy Consumption of Mineral Powder Briquette Machine

Generally speaking, all powdery materials which needs to be put into stove should be processed by mineral powder briquette machine first. Since briquette machine has a wide application, how to reduce motor energy consumption is particularly significant. To take some necessary energy-saving methods is not only beneficial for the security and stability of power grid, but important for users to reduce electricity costs.

1.To purchase a new briquette machine, energy-efficient motor should be taken into consideration first. And then consider other performance indicators based on your need in order to save energy.
2.Change stator winding connection into hybrid star-delta winding, and then convert star-connection and delta-connection based on load weight, which helps to improve magnetomotive force waveform and decrease operating current, and finally achieve the goal of energy conservation.
3.Apply other ways of continuous speed regulation, such as using voltage regulator and frequency control devices.
4.Replace high-power and low-loading motor, because it wastes energy and damages the machine.
5.Install parallel low-voltage capacitor to make a reactive power compensation, which can effectively improve the power factor, reduce reactive loss and save energy.
6.Wire cross-section leading to motor should meet ampacity and the wire should be as short as possible so as to reduce wire resistance and reduce loss.

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