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Type coal pressure ball machine commissioning

Newly purchased type coal pressure ball machine, machine if the selected manufacturers, such as machine has any problem such as quality, can install production. Some users might have worked in factory in advance of commissioning the production experiment, so better. It doesn't matter if you don't have, after installation we have in a test run to see the machine status and installation work is in place. Paul is pressure ball machine equipment professional manufacturers, to provide users with a full set of pressure ball machine production line design, planning, production, installation work. Here to explain some points in this trial run.
Type coal pressure ball machine commissioning
1, must be put before commissioning related installation, ready to do a good job. Don't say everything and to achieve no cracks. Not to the production line running, haven't do some preparation work. Such as materials to be pressed into the ball. Especially the pulverized coal, also need to add water, add glue. So good carding machine installation in advance planning, material preparation, etc. It is important to work. 2, the whole coal pressure ball machine installation preparation after the completion of all work. After start the machine, be sure to idling in feeding in a few minutes. The significance of this process is that the machine running in preheating. And problems can timely repair solution in advance. Lest after feeding production, found the problem to solve, very trouble and inconvenience.3, idle time after and fault without any problem, can carry out continual production. With material production commissioning is the best way to test. Needs to be stressed the point that, must not directly feeding first, and then start metal coal pressure ball machine and other equipment. This will cause huge load, burn out motor may occur, and so on and so forth.

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