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How to correctly blanking pressure ball machine affect the ball rate

Pressure ball machine, before the next material need to let the machine idle for a while, to the hydraulic pressure reaches a certain degree, after may. Blanking too early or too late will affect the forming rate. Compared with the ordinary briquette machine, pressure ball machine lies in part with a spiral compression from place to place. The device at the beginning of the material into the feed port, pressurized by screw put material mandatory pressure in the body, makes preliminary material is extruded, is at the back of the material is the secondary pressure and molding made good preparations. Because the material is the easier the more extrusion molding. But if material is too dry, pressure ball machine finally out of the pellets is loose, not strong enough, is fragile. If the material is too wet, it is not easy to forming, but also sticky mold, cleaning up, very trouble. The best before production, the quantity of the material, water content, the dosage of the glue is adjusted to a certain proportion.
1.	How to correctly blanking pressure ball machine affect the ball rate
Pressure ball machine this recipe is quite important, generally will not to divulge any manufacturer. Are all the orders, will tell the buyer when delivery. Moreover, different materials, sometimes with adhesive is different also. Of course, these adhesives are common, the price is not expensive. Please rest assured that the clients can be found in any market.

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