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How to Run Roller of Coal Briquette Press at Normal?

To meet the increasing demands for coal briquettes, more and more people around the world choose to invest the coal briquette press machine. As its name implies, coal briquette press machine is a kind of machine used to suppress those coal materials into briquettes. Structure of coal briquetting machine can directly influence the quality of coal briquettes.
Cylindrical rollers, with parallel axis and same diameter, have certain distance between them. Being installed on the coal briquette machine, cylindrical rollers have many ball sockets on surface with same size and regular permutation. The movement of roller bearing can also influence the quality of coal briquettes. To achieve greater benefits, you should make the bearing work in a perfect condition and protect it from being damaged.

To work continuously, bearings of coal briquetting plant have to meet the following three requirements. At first, bearing windage must be reasonably designed. To alleviate the deformation of stressed parts, you can take the ways like equipping them with gusset plates or point-changing support. During the trail run of coal briquette plant without any load, windage should close to the assembly windage. Or else, bearings could not work in normal situation.

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