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Metal scrap hydraulic briquette machine

Metal scrap hydraulic briquette machine

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Metal scrap hydraulic pressing machine is mainly used to press aluminum scrap, steel scrap, iron scrap and cooper scraps into cake shape before putting them to furnace; it has been widely used in aluminum factory, casting steel factory, alloy factory etc.
Metal scrap hydraulic briquette machine
This machine can press metal scrap into cylinder shape with diameter 120mm and height 80mm, the cake weight is around 3-6kgs, which is easier for transportation and feed into furnace.
Press is in cold condition without adding any binder; the bulk density can reach 5-6T/M3 (steel cake for instance); Machine features:
1. Hydraulic powered; stable working without vibration;
2. Easy installation;
3. PLC control system, feeding can be automatically or manually;
4. Automatic feeding conveyor system, only one worker required to operate the whole machine.

Model Cake weight (kg) Cake size(mm) Bulk density(t/m³) Shift capacity(t) Motor (kw)
T83-2000 1.5-3.0 Φ70-90*(60-80) ≥5.0 3~4 18.5
T83-2500 2.5-3.5 Φ90-110*(70-100) ≥5.2 6-8 22
T83-3150 3.0-4.0 Φ90-110*(70-100) ≥5.5 7-10 30
T83-3600 3.5-5.0 Φ100-140*(70-100) ≥6.0 8-12 30
T83-5000 5.0-8.0 Φ120-150*(70-100) ≥6.0 10-14 37
T83-6300 6.0-12.0 Φ130-160*(100-120) ≥6.0 16-20 45

Metal scrap hydraulic briquette machine

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