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Honeycomb briquette machine

Honeycomb briquette machine

Commonly known as honeycomb briquette machine, coal ball machine, the raw material is coal or charcoal, through mixing, pressing into a honeycomb shape briquettes.

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Commonly known as honeycomb briquette machine, coal ball machine, the raw material is coal or charcoal, through mixing, pressing into a honeycomb shape briquettes. Molds can be easily changed in order to produce of diameter honeycomb briquettes from 90mm to 250mm. Further honeycomb briquette machine can produce different shapes such as: cylindrical shape, cubical-shape etc, so that honeycomb briquette machine functions greatly expanded, it has become the ideal machines for coal explorers.
 Honeycomb briquette machine

Working principle and structure

This machine features of simple structure, there are five main function parts: main frame, transmission, feeding, press and convey.
 Main frame parts: composed by platform and basement, is the structural parts of the machine.
Transmission parts: composed of a motor, pulleys, gears, drive shafts and other components. Motor rotate and through the pulley and V-belts, that the gear shaft is rotated and power the gears to the drive shaft, then, by a pair of bevel gear and drive shaft turn the dial, the dial turned his motion to the four-hole plate.
Feed parts: composed of a shaft, hopper, blender composition, it struck by the axial gear mixer, stir the coal and load mode tube.
Pressing part: main composed by four slider, sliding beams, punch, punch blocks, punches, activities platen, movable mold bottom and spring
 Conveyor part: composed by conveyor frame, pulleys, brackets and conveyor belts.
The bearings take all the load, so good lubrication to the bearing is very important, it directly affects the life and operation rate of the machine, which requires injection clean lubrication oil, seal must be good, the main oil injection positions for this machine: rotary bearing, roller bearing, all the gear, sliding bearing and sliding surface.
For the newly installed machine, the hub prone to loosening must always be checked.
Always check and make sure all the moving parts are working properly.
 Pay attention to check the wear parts, and replace the worn-out-parts in time.
Keep the basement clean in order to give enough room for the bearing movement.
When bearing temperature rise, workers should immediately stop the machine and check the reason and eliminate them.
During operation if there is any abnormal at the gear place, workers should immediately stop the machine and check and eliminate.

Honeycomb briquette machine


Model SFMΦ220 SFMΦ160 SFMΦ125 SFMΦ120
Power 11kw 7.5kw 7.5kw 5.5kw
Capacity (pcs/min) 20-30 40-50 40-50 40-50
Briquette size Φ220mm and below Φ160mm and below Φ125mm and below Φ120mm and below
Number of holes 20 to 12 19 to 9 19 to 9 19 to 9
Machine weight (T) 4.5 2.5 1.8 0.8
40 type mobile coal crusher 4KW 2-4TPH    
600 type coal crusher 5.5KW 10-12TPH    
Crusher with mixer 5.5KW 2-4KW    

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