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Briquetting Machine

Briquetting Machine

The briquetting machine is commonly used to process tailing disposals and suppress powder materials that are hard to take shapes.

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Introduction to Turui machinery

The briquetting machine, also called as briquetting press machine, briquettes machine, briquette machine and briquette press machine, is commonly used to process tailing disposals and suppress powder materials that are hard to take shapes. Turui briquetting machine or briquette press machine features large briquette pressure, adjustable main motor revolution and the assembly of spiral feeding device. Turui briquettes machine is mainly used for the coal powder formation, dry powder formation, flue gas desulfurization gypsum formation, coke powder formation, scrap iron and other metal powder formation. It is also called strong hydraulic briquetting machine, ore powder briquette press machine, double roller briquetting machine or goose egg briquetting press machine etc
.briquetting machinebriquetting machine

Application of Turui machinery

Briquetting machine is mainly used to make balls from the ferrous and non-ferrous metal powders by putting them directly into the smelting furnace which increases the additional value. All metallurgy wastes and auxiliary materials that need drawing up will need the briquette machine, they are widely used to press all kinds of materials such as fly ash, pool mud, oxide skin, steel slag, iron powder, aluminum powder, manganese mineral powder, aluminum skimming, active carbon, alumina, bauxite, causticity, charcoal, clay, coke breeze, coal, cryolite, chemical fertilizer, plastics, lime stone, paintings, urea, sylvite, etc. They can help to reduce dust, control the capacity, recycle materials and improve the transportation performance, etc.


 Raw Materials of Briquetting Machine  Raw Materials of Briquetting Machine  Raw Materials of Briquetting Machine


Working principle:

Briquetting machine is made up of three parts: feeding, driving and briquetting.

Working Process of Briquetting Machine




1. Feed section: To make sure materials enter double rollers evenly by feeding in ration. Driven by the electromagnetic speed regulating motor and after the belt wheel and worm reducer turn, the spiral feed device of briquette machines presses materials into the main feed port. As the constant matrix feature of the electromagnetic speed regulating motor, when the spiral feeder has the same pressing quantity with the inventory of the main body of the briquetting machine or briquettes machine, the feeding pressure will stay constant thus stabilizing the balling quality. If there is a large feed amount, the electricity of the feeding device will be overloaded and vice versa. Therefore, it's very important to operate the machine skillfully.

2. Driving section: The driving system consists of electromotor, V-belts, reducer, open gear and rollers. The briquetting machine runs relying on the cooperation of driving and driven shaft supported by the exposed gear. It is driven by the electromagnetic speed regulating motor; after the belt wheel and cylindrical gear reducer, the power is transferred to the pin coupling shaft. Hydraulic pressure device is installed on the back of the driven shaft block. The hydraulic protection device of briquette machine can make axial displacement of the piston as the hydraulic pump pushes the high pressure oil into the hydraulic tank. The front connecting end of the piston supports the bearing pedestal to meet the production requirement.

3. Briquetting section: Referring to the main body of the briquette machine with the rollers as its core working part. When too many materials or metal blocks enter the space between the two compression rollers, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder gets so pressed that the pump will stop working and the energy accumulator will make buffer action facing pressure changing. Then the flood valve starts the oil return and the piston rod replacement will widen the space between the rollers thus forcing hard materials to pass the rollers. Finally, the whole pressure system of briquette machine machine returns to normal condition so that the rollers won't be damaged 
Shape: Can be round, pillow, oval.

Size: Changeable size 18mm-80mm, made according to clients requests
finished productfinished product
finished productfinished product

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